Article: The Balance Btw Online Privacy and Targeted Ads

There’s a reason I don’t actively use Facebook or MySpace (I have blank accounts to spy on my little brother) and this is it.  Within the walls of work I have no problem using my real identity because I have no fear of the company advertising third party junk to me — ok, except for that Phillips spam that has been littering my mailbox since Thanksgiving.  Anyhow … I think Facebook missed something fundamental about American values (and maybe almost everyone else on the planet).  We don’t like to advertise about the stuff we buy.  Just like talking about salary it’s rude and just not something done (although, that could be an American thing, so I’ve recently heard).  Another thing is that if we are going to recommend a product to a friend, we will on our own time and with our own words.  It’s called “authenticity.”  I think a real heart felt targeted recommendation directly out the mouth or fingers of a friend is MUCH better advertising than some computer generated spam or posting that says your friend bought this and so should you.   Oh, and then the kicker … Facebook and the advertisers don’t even recognize the social faux-paux, rather they say they were too radical in their approach and the if they increase their rudeness gradually, then people won’t notice.  What happen to common decency?

Anyhow, read the article and be amazed …

Who Owns You? Finding a Balance between Online Privacy and Targeted Advertising

Published: December 12, 2007 in Knowledge@Wharton


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