Flat Panel TV Makers Emphasize Smaller TV's for the US

Due to the economic slow down and credit crunch in the US, Japanese flat panel makers are de-emphasizing large TV’s in favor of smaller sets for the US market.  What’s more interesting to me is that they saw the coming slow down last July, while none of us in the US were even cognizant that problems were coming.  What extra information did they have? Or perhaps their advisors have an unbiased perspective on the US economy.

I myself have been looking for a 32 or 37-in flat panel TV for my bedroom.  We also have have a large flat panel and I don’t feel that we need as big of TV in our bedroom.  I wonder if other buyers are like me — the US market is saturated with large TVs and people are opting to buy smaller, less expensive TVs as secondaries.  Hmm …  Either way, it sounds like the Japanese companies know their customer well and are on top of the situation.


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