In Car Advertising, Coming Soon from Microsoft

Crazed with Google-envy, Microsoft promises to make your drive fun and productive with in-car advertising.  I have to snicker, because the last thing I want in my car is the MS blue-screen of death. 

Personally, I’ve steered clear of having anything TV-like in my car.  This is because I’m a very poor driver and I’m easily distracted when driving.  I won’t even let my husband watch movies on his laptop or iPod while on long drives because I have a tendency to glance over and, unfortunately, the car goes in whatever direction I point my head.  Sad …

As for in-car advertising … well, I got satellite radio to avoid advertising and slowly over time advertising has crept in.  I’ve now gone back to listening to CD’s to avoid distracting channel flipping.  Why would I want my dashboard advertising to me?  When am I supposed to look at this advertising while my eyes are supposed to be on the road?  I wonder, though, whether safety is factored into these designs.  Like I said, I haven’t gone for in-car navigation because it’s too distracting.  Even the voice stuff is too distracting for me.  I sorta feel like anything that takes the driver’s eyes and attention away from the road should only be active when the car is stopped.  I wonder whether others have the same problem as I do?

Anyhow, enjoy the article below.

Here’s a link to the article


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