Location Relevent Advertising Discussed at Davos Panel

A panel discusses the future of content on mobile phones.  What stuck out to me in this article is the idea of location based advertising enabled by having GPS in mobile phones.  Rejoice or cringe, this is a great idea.  But I guess we are a ways off from blending this with video content due the mentioned obvious shortcomings of current cellular networks.  I think, though, regardless of whether there is mobile entertainment, location based advertising is coming your way.  I have already experienced it Singapore, where I recieved several spam SMS’s while touring the city/country.

As for the Olympics, I’m looking forward to being able to view the events I care about in more depth, hopefully without commentary, over the Internet from my PC (which is connected to my TV).  I think that being able to access results over a mobile is a good use of mobile technology.  I’m not sure whether I would get much enjoyment out of watching tracking and field, gymnastics, or pool events on my tiny postage stamp of a screen on my mobile.

Here’s a link to the article

NBC’s Zucker downplays importance of cell content

Panel debates future of mobile tech

By Paul Bond


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