Nissan's Super Cute Interactive Dashboard Robot

This is reprinted from the “Motor Authority” Blog.  I ran across this while doing some research on the gaming aspects of the driver interface for the Nissan GTR and Nissan’s Infiniti line of cars.  This is extremely cute, but it has the looks of a toy for toddlers or for people who like very cute things like Disney and Hello Kitty.  I don’t think I could drive with this much cuteness in front of me.  Anyhow, as I dig into this further, I am finding that the future of in-car dashboards and controls is quite interesting and scary at the same time.

I like the idea of trying to create a personal experience between drivers and their cars.  I wonder though, could some of the potential interactions be as dangerous as talking on a cell phone while driving.  I also wonder can we create a similar personal experience between our products and the customer.  What would that look like?  Does it have to be this darned cute?

Nissan’s creepy dashboard robot could make production

Posted on Friday 23 November 2007

Nissan has set itself a clear goal: to become a technology leader in the auto industry within the next ten years. We’ve already seen the launch of the new bird’s-eye view camera system and ‘self-healing’ paint on the Infiniti EX35 crossover but according to CEO Carlos Ghosn this is just the top of the iceberg.

Click on the link above to read the full article.


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