Verizon to Experiment with P2P File Sharing over Cellular Networks

Verizon plans to experiment with peer-to-peer file sharing over its cellular networks.  Using new software that localizes peer networks, Verizon hopes to cut the cost of file distribution by 75 – 90% while increasing the overall speed of the download.  Nice!  I’m happy that Verizon has seen the light on this and it adopting the technology.  I also like how they plan not to take a policing stance on the potential file sharing traffic.  (Add to that the rumor that Verizon was the big winner of the recent bandwidth auction.  Hmm…)

Also within in the article, a little mention of how NBC will be using P2P file sharing software from Pando to distribute content for free.  Yay!

I get the the sense that the digitally generated free economy wave is coming faster than anyone could have imagined and without the legal wrangling anticipated.  The next few years promise to be quite exciting.

Verizon gets cozy with P2P file-sharers

Verizon Allies With Peer-To-Peer File-Sharers to Speed Downloads of Movies

AP News



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