Women Lead in the Use of Some Technology

Some of this this is a little surprising given how male focused technology is typically thought of being.  As I’ve worked with the ICS Web 2.0 team, lately I’ve come to question my perception of women and technology, in particular “Mom.”  Quite often we think that something has to be so easy a “Mom” can use it.  However, “Mom” is not what she used to be.  Moms are college educated, they may still work or used to work in offices with PC’s and what not, and Moms are at home using technology and integrating technology into their lifestyle.  It totally makes sense that Moms with young children would have to time shift in order to watch the programming they want because tots dominate the TV during their waking hours.  It totally makes sense that women participate more in social networking activities — it’s just another way to, or, extentions of existing ways to maintain connections that have always been present.  Duh!  When you think about it.  Yet, I would say the perception that women are not as tech savvy as men persists.  I challenge myself and others to think differently and to really consider these “Duh!” situations in which technology seamlessly fits into women’s lifestyles, rather than coming at if from the perspective of “dumbing down” or “pinking” technology for women.

Females Lead In Use Of Certain Tech: Survey


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