New Laptops and PCs from HP


Here’s a write-up on the new products from CNET. It seems kinda cruel to only show pictures of the new products. I think the refresh of the “Kitchen PC” looks quite good and would, now, actually fit into my kitchen. Too bad this intro wasn’t paired with new consumer printers. How are we supposed to attach printer sales to laptop and PC sales, if we don’t show them together? Oh, well … I wonder if the PC folks feared that introducing the printers would somehow detract from the lovely new computers. They are are shiny. That new “Envy” laptop is singing to me and I see it glowing in my mind with celestial light. Sigh … too bad I’m broke.

By the way, I need a new entertainment laptop. Our current machine is barfing on the new codecs that are needed to decoding the latest hi-def video files. Also, it’s starting to barf on iTunes as Apples makes that application more intensive on hardware. I’m taking donations of $$$ or equipment.

Anyhow, HP has done a great job of making flirtatious products. Now if I could only get that little power button on the front or the lid of the an entertainment laptop so I can power it on without having to remove the device from its cubby-hole to open the lid.


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