Extreme Gamers are “Extreme”

Here’s an interesting nugget from CNET about how extreme, “extreme gamers” are. What amazed me is that extreme gamers spend an average of 45-hrs/week gaming and buy 24-games/ 3 months … and then I thought about my own recent gaming. Yes, recently, my gamer side re-emerged with a vengence. Here’s a list of the top of my head of the games I’ve played in the last 3-months:

  • Restarted and finished “Bioshock” (BTW: That game is all hype — it’s was just really pretty and weird. The story wasn’t all that compelling — I was disappointed when it ended without explaining much of anything.)
  • Played though “Devil May Cry 4”
  • Purchased a Wii
  • Boomblox (Wii) — injured my wii arm for nearly a week playing this addictive game
  • Super Mario Galazy (Wii) — turned my left thumb purple from handling the nunchuk — that game messes with your spatial perception
  • Super Mario Party 8 (Wii)
  • Cooking Mama (DS) — still can’t boil rice
  • Wii Sports — boxing and bowling are the best
  • Downloaded 5 0r 6 Sim2 extensions — play when I’m cleaning the office (PC)
  • Final Fantasy Ring of Fates — almost done, but not sure if I’m going to finish because the platforming aspects and the lever hunts are driving me NUTZ!!! (DS)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions –I’m completely addicted. It has become a nice companion to the Olympics. FFX Tactics makes brains happy! (PSP)
  • Lunines 2 — I die on the “Asia” level — it’s a nice little play before going to sleep (PSP)
  • FFXI and II — gave up because the game play is too repetitive and the story not compelling enough
  • I bought the Fear Platinum Box for my husband (He managed to find bugs in the games and has cursed the game into oblivion and then went back to WOW)
  • In queue (purchased, but not played yet)
    • FFX A2 Tactics — Gamestop Girl claims this is the best of the Tactics games (DS)
    • FFX 4 (DS)
    • The Darkness (XBox360)
    • Some RPG + puzzle game for the PS2 (forgot the name)
    • FFX 12 DS follow-up
    • Mario Party for the DS

And gosh knows what else I’ve bought or have played but forgotten (I have a sneaking suspicious that I bought “Lego Indiana Jones”). So, I guess this makes me an extreme gamer. Once again while I’ve been in a gamer haze, a disaster happened in my kitchen. Some brown rice hatched and took over our pantry. My husband and I are at a loss. In hopelessness we threw out all of the rice and flour, closed the pantry door, and have been eating out for the last 3-weeks. We managed to save a box of cereal on our kitchen island — thank goodness — too bad we don’t got milk or OJ. We intend to take the first week of Sept off to deal with it — throw out all the food, fumigate, install a new food filing system so this doesn’t happen again. I’m also thinking about pulling off the door because the room is not ventilated and we discovered that it is the hottest and humidest room in the house — great for breeding pest and not so good for food storage … sigh … Needless to say, regardless of its health benefits, brown rice will not enter my house again unless it’s already cooked.

Anyhow, I would imagine that any company would want this type of customer.


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