iPhone: Consequences of not Updating

My phone has been dead for two days.  At first I thought the cellular networks were jammed with people freaking out, but it turns out that my iPhone was deactivated because I had not updated it via iTunes.  I shudder to think about what could have happened if I were on vacation without a computer to synch the phone up with iTunes.  Again … I hate iTunes or maybe this time I hate Apple.  I still love my iPhone, though.

Continuing on this theme of IT — I got a new mouse.  It’s pink and it works (no way Mr. Kuroneko003 will touch this mouse).  I threw the old mouse in the electronics recycling bin at my local Best Buy.  They also have a bin to throw old batteries in.  Yay!  I had a sack of them in the kitchen.  Then I bought a copy of “Iron Man” on Blu-Ray.  Um … the Blu-Ray software that came with my laptop didn’t seem well integrated.  It took about 10-mins for the disc to load and then once it loaded it would not accept mouse input.  I don’t know if it is the player software or some really bad Flash programming that’s behind that fun.  Either way I was mildly annoyed.  Now that I know, I guess I’ll be driving with my keyboard — or perhaps I’m supposed to be using the little remote that came with the computer and/or the DVD player buttons on the laptop itself.  Still, I should be able to mouse through the DVD menu!!!  AUGH!!!!  I also don’t appreciate how HP has integrated itself into the DVD player software.  I uninstalled and bought upgraded software using the link given by HP.  I didn’t think that it would still be HP badged/tainted.  AUGH!!!

What? the World Didn’t End?

In the words of Marvin the Martian, “There was supposed to be a big Earth shattering kaboom.”

Yesterday as the stock market was tanking, the cell networks became nearly unusable.    Apparently, people were freaking out and calling one another to tell family members to pull all of their money out of the banks.  Haha!!! and do what with it?  Nobody wants your dollars ;p.  Whatever, … As the world continues to exist despite the financial crisis, I think my damper has kicked in. Continue reading What? the World Didn’t End?

Tried WOW, Now Trying Warhammer

I finally decided to try playing World of Warcraft and I didn’t like it.  I made a female Paladin and set off for adventure.  So basically you walk up to something and right-click on them and sit back as your character and the opponent whack at each other.  Okay … so then I leveled up some and there seemed to be no way to manage my character’s development.  My husband informed me that character development doesn’t come into gameplay until I reach the 10th level and that until then the game is teaching me the interface.  Sigh … give me a break!

So, I’ve decided to try the new MMORPG on the block, Warhammer Online.  It’s slowly downloading after several attempts.  It turns out that you have to turn off all other background processes before the downloader will work … sigh … +10GB … sigh … it should be done sometime this afternoon, barring any freezes of the downloader or our internet connection.

Taken in by the News

As fatiqued as I am with the economy and the election, I find myself taken in by the news.  It’s sad to think that If I just kept the radio off, didn’t turn on the TV, or check the CNN webpage, I wouldn’t have a clue that anything is wrong and would be happily going on with my life.  But I’m hooked and I can’t wait to see what going to happen next.

It’s clear to me that the American people are angry and that many people don’t understand how this involves them and why this impacts them. Continue reading Taken in by the News