Starting Over

Yep, I’ve been laid-off.   I’m looking for a job and I would appreciate any leads or any offers from folks who want to take me on. So with respect to my former job, it’s amazing how being freed can make the past evaporate. I’m so relieved now that I no longer have to worry about the present and the future of my lab nor my role in the lab. To be honest, I’m actually quite happy because I can move closer to doing a job that will fully utilize my talents and keep me interested. I’m finally FREE and it’s a great feeling.
I think my loved ones took the news much harder than I did. I spent a great deal of time yesterday consoling my mother who wanted names — she forgets I’m a 34-year old married women and that there is no principals at work for her to complain to when someone hurts her “baby.” My Dad and husband are rocks of support like usual. My husband is relieved because he’s been through the tears and frustration as I’ve suffered through some tough personal times while in that lab.

Whenever I start something new or a big shift happens in my life, I clean and get things in order. I started cleaning my house yesterday, I wrote out the bills, and finished the laundry and ironing to the extent that I had hangers. Earlier, this morning I went into the office to start collecting my personal items (of which I’ve packed a great deal into my mini-cube). I also started taking care of odds and ends like canceling my Rhapsody subscription and thinking about what unnecessary expenses we should cut until I’m comfortably employed again. I will clean some more today after I do today’s external job search. I think will also go to the gym. Eventually, I will have to take on the dreaded pantry … but we’ll leave that for another day.

So here I am looking for a job. Well, getting a new job doesn’t bother me. I like change and new challenges. What I don’t like is interviewing. It’s not that I’m bad at interviews, it’s more of the build-up to interviewing results in abdominal agony and the usual pre-interview vomit. Once my stomach is empty, the the mask goes on and I do it.

So anyhow, as I go through this, I think I will keep a diary of my thoughts for myself and for others that may be going through lay-off.  If you are going through this and want to commiserate or celebrate with me, do not hesitate to e-mail me.


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