My Current Passions

Haha! My passion is for the customer :). I’m pleased as long as what I’m doing serves a purpose and makes people happy. But in order to feel that, I need to be in more contact with the customer and I have to be put in a mode where I can create freely. I’m not particularly picky about what I make. My interests change like the wind — always moving forward. Let’s just say, if it’s interesting, I’m into it. Right now what’s interesting (to me) is the Internet’s effect on society, gaming, and self publishing. My current fascination is with my iPhone and how it is affecting my life, how having an open platform is spurring creativity and spawning cottage industries, and how a company could in effect infiltrate Apple by creating compelling iPhone apps. ;p. iPhone is a GREAT mobile testbed :).

How is this translating into my job search?  Well I’m looking for jobs that have a web 2.0 component, high customer engagement, and high creativity demands :).  I’m also looking for jobs with leadership opportunities.  I’m not sure I can go back to just being an engineer anymore.  I really like strategy and analysis.  So there you have it.