Running Tech Layoff Tally

Presented to you in spreadsheet form courtesy of CNET.  The spreadsheets also include links to the stories about the layoffs.  Yikes, there are so many people that I’m competing with for very few jobs :(.

I’m sad to hear about the layoffs at Lulu since it believe so deeply in self-publishing.  But I guess in tough times, words can stay in blogs and pictures on photo-sharing websites.  I hope small publishers can weather the next few years to keep self publishing alive.


HP Leaks it’s Mini Netbook

So cute! Now this is one way to do a mini-notebook.  Filling the entire space with keyboard makes it look like there was an effort to make the keyboard as large as possible to accomodate chubby fingers.  I think this also contrast with the smallness of the device, giving it that cute appearance — much like big eyes on a face.   I would love to see a follow-on with a screen that has very little border and that is one uninterrupted smooth and shiny surface.  No wasted space — I think that would look cool.  I also like the shiny lid.  If it’s like my big laptop, then the HP logo lights up on the back when the notebook is powered on.  The rumor is that the screen is 10-in.  It looks like it has a width heavy aspect ratio, which kinda concerns me because the menu bars of most programs eat up a lot of space along the top and bottom of the screen.  I wonder if there is a way to customize the presentation such that these menu bars run along the side, giving the viewing area a more natural look.  Well, I know you can move the main windows bar into and vertical postion.  I can’t wait to see both this laptop and the other new mini-notes in the stores this holiday season.

Dell’s 12-in Netbook

Here’s a preview from the folks at Crave.  The styling looks like nothing special, but I do like the 12-in size.  I am one of those people who complain that anything below ~11-in is too small to see and to type on.  I would like it, though, if the little PC had some charming styling cues — something that would make me say “this laptop is adorable.”  (I’m still craving somthing reminencent of a stylish or a fun purse.)  This looks very utilitarian.  As for the specs and the price, it sounds decent for a travel laptop.

Ow! My Toe

I’m such a putz!  I wore some wedge sandals today and I managed to whack my left big toe with the rear of the wedge of my right foot as I was getting out of my car.  My toenail cracked in the middle of my toe and bled all in my sandal.  I was getting lunch, so I had to take it like a women, order my lunch and let my toe bleed all over the place and hope no one noticed the oozing mess.   Man, did it throb in pain for a while …  Anyhow,  I find myself needing some advice since this the first time I’ve done this.  Here are my questions:

1.  How do you get blood out of leather?

2.  How do you handle a cracked toenail?  I can’t cut it off because it hurts like heck if I touch it and I’m afraid to put on socks because I don’t want the nail to get caught up in the fibers.  In addition I don’t go barefoot because I have tenderfeet from never going barefoot.

3.  If I don’t wear socks, then how do I keep the wound clean?

As of now, I’ve improvised by wrapping my toe in gauze and then taping around the base of the toe to keep the gauze on.  It’s ugly, but it seems to be doing the job for now, but what about as the nail grows out.  The crack is 5-mm from the tip of my toe, so it’s going to take a while … why me?  I hope it doesn’t turn black and blue …

Aeronna and Kahnroy are Almost to Tier 3

Kahnroy, the Bright Mage, and I finished all the Tier 2 quests within the High Elf Storyline tonight.  We are still ~55% into level 21 so I guess we’ll bully Destruction in the scenarios until we hit level 22.  Tonight was a good night in the scenarios.  In Phoenix Gate I captured the flag once and then Kahnroy and I assisted McLonerpants for 4 more flag captures.  That was thrilling!  I was very proud of our excellent teamwork.

Last night I joined some Tier 3 players for some champion dungeon in the Chp12 Dwarf Storyline.  OMG, it was sooo difficult!  My level 21 behind didn’t contribute much, though, I managed to stay alive most of the time and even scored myself a sweet purple bag of loot (nice balancers that I can’t wear until I reach level 23).  I admit I did have fun, but I was extremely frustrated when we all got killed and respawned at the entrance of the dungeon.  By that time it was 1AM, which was well past my bedtime.  I imagine Kahnroy and I will try to get a group together to do that dungeon once we get into our mid to high 20’s.

Giyosephina is in Tier 3 of the Empire storyline and has once again become very squishy.  I’ve been relying on the kindness of strangers to get through many of the quests.  Actually, I like being in a group because we can use teamwork to get through the quests and I enjoy meeting new people through chat.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of married couples playing and parents playing with their children.  I envy them.  I think it would be fun to get a group going with my parents and my little brother.  We’d almost be a complete group.

I look forward to the further adventures of Aeronna and Kahnroy as we enter Tier 3.  I wonder, though, will Kahnroy ever master combustion …