Flash Assignment: Banner Ad

Here’s my first iteration of my banner ad for Flash class. To start, I decided to concentrate on just the text. I like the way it turned out. I think the spartan look really highlights the motion and the little bit of color I put in towards the end. My husband liked it and praised me for making something so annoying that you have to look at it at least once. He asked me to put in a static section before it loops again. I’m thinking about whether I want to add some more graphics. We’ll see if I’ll make a version 1.


Feedback is welcomed, so please give me some.


Flash Class

I’m currently taking Flash Class as part of my effort of picking up some new skills.  Fortunately, my local university extension offers a web design certification program for folks interested in continuing education.  I think I’m going to go ahead and do it.  So anyhow, I’ve had two sessions of the intro level Flash class and so far I really like Flash.  It seems like a powerful tool that I could use for presentations and to make prototype websites and interfaces.  Anyhow, here’s some stuff I did while trying to pay attention to lecture.  Little did I know we were going to do a bouncing ball the first day — about an hour into the 4-hour session I had already started playing around and made the bouncing ball.  I also made some dripping blood which wasn’t part of the class, but … well … you know how that goes.  Anyhow, Flash is great.  One you learn the basics, you can do some neat things very quickly.  Check out the fun I had :).

Next class I have to turn in a 15 – 30-sec banner ad that advertises me in some way.  I will post it here too when I’ve completed it.  I’m pretty dangerous now that I’ve had 8-hours of instruction ;p.