Amazon’s CloudFront

This makes me very happy.  Amazon has launch it’s content delivery service.  I wonder what good things and weird things will come out of this.  I wonder if it will be a new source of spam and other no good things :).  I can’t wait!  I hope we see more artists breaking free and using the service to serve their media content.

Here’s a brief article on the service from CNET.



HP announced preliminary result for the 4th quarter.  Here’s a link.  In a quarter full of sorrow, this is a very bright spot.  Go HP and you gotta love Hurd.  May he continue to fly under the media radar to let HP continue to shine ;).

The Yahoo Drama Continues

And so the drama continues … first there was the “love triangle” between Yahoo, MS, and Google that was so sensationalized that I missed that Yahoo was undergoing a “transformation”.  Now a CEO change after changing the CEO less than 2-yrs ago.  I love the little blurb about how Yahoo has a board problem more than a CEO problem.  So … let’s take a look at these folks:

They look like an innovative bunch who know about the Internet, social networking, and advertising <*note the sarcasm*>… sigh … well, I hope their management ranks are younger and more diverse.  Anyhow, here’s a link to an article about the latest at Yahoo:

CNET link