Having Fun in Gunbad

I went to the Gunbad for the third time last night.  I went via an invitation from some high level guild members — the same ones who invited me the first time.  I also brought along Kahnroy, though, with 7 players, Kahnroy could not go on into the final boss battle.  That was okay, though, because there was no big loot to roll for after defeating the big boss.  Anyhow, everybody, including Kahnroy got some loot and I learned how to use my “guard” skill.  Yeah for Kahnroy!  So I’ll be sharing his damage from now on.  Hopefully, that will help him stay alive longer when we get in sticky situations.  I can’t wait to try it!

As for Gunbad, if you haven’t been there, it’s a dungeon in tier 3 located in the Northwest corner of the Badlands in the Dwarf storyline.  To the left the battles are harder, but the loot is better.  We did the squig quests last night.  There’s some bug in the game, so some of the loot in Gunbad and in the game, in general, are for the wrong realm.  Hopefully, they’ll fix that soon.

We played using “vent” which allows players to chat with voice.  We didn’t have our headsets set-up yet, so Kahnroy and I could only listen in.   It took a little time for me to get used to vent because when I play, I generally discount external noise.  So early on, I heard the chatter but I wasn’t processing it.  Kahnroy had to repeat what was going on to me when I was able to slice off a little piece of my brain to actually listen.  I think things went well and it was great to hear the voices of some of the folks I’ve been playing and chatting with for the past month.  It definitely enhanced teamwork and I understand that the folks I’m playing with are having fun like I am.  It’s a great way to get a job done by remote teams.


Keep Patrol Again

Kahnroy convinced Aeronna twice more to go on keep and flag patrol.  The second time we just took some flags in the third tier of Elf Land — mainly because the RvR scenarios were broken that night (very few Destro were put into the scenarios, so there was a great imbalance and the scenarios ended very quickly).  That went pretty well, though, with just 5 or 6 players, the Heros were pretty tough.  I feared that the hero of each objective would get to his reset point, so I was pretty relentless in my hacking.

The third time, we were part of a warband that had just defeated Destro in the Witching Night Event (BTW, the large Witching Night RvR is so much fun in a large warband) and I was playing Giyosephina at first and then Aeronna.  We ended up taking all the keeps and the flags in the third tier.  Shortly after our conquest, destro starting to retake objectives, so we had to defend a keep too.  I was on artillery.  That was so much fun!  With some awesome teamwork, we beat them back thoroughly!

So I’m now used to RvR play and I’ve come to enjoy it more than questing.  I think it’s because I know how to use my characters more effectively and I’ve made some player friends through the guilds I’ve join and chatting.  Warhammer is a very rich experience.  I’m glad I decided to give it a go.