Happy 2009

Let’s hope it is better than 2008. I believe it can be if we all just keep pressing forward and get on with the business at hand. There’s no shortage of things to do. So let’s get to work and put people to work so we can get happy again. I hope this time, though, people spend within their means and companies take a more long term approach to growth. I think it’s unreasonable and unsustainable to expect big established companies to have double digit growth year-over-year. To be honest, I’m very suspicious of companies that do when GDP growth doesn’t reflect that kind of growth. You have to ask where the money is coming from. Also, this kind of expectation leads people to cheat in order to make unreasonable numbers so they can get bonuses and promotions. Anyhow, I think a longer term approach will lessen volatility and lead to growth in long term careers rather than “jobs.” I also think getting back to trading good and services rather than debt and promises would be beneficial for us all :).