Twitter Poems

I was bored in Java class tonight — the instructor was tying up loose ends and spending a lot of time dinking on his laptop, so wrote some really bad short poems.  Then I thought it would be a challenge to write poems short enough to Twitter (less than 140 chars), so I decided to take on the challenge.  There’s a feed in the right side bar.  Hahaha!!! Pretty stupid isn’t it!  Oh, the pointlessness of  “Web 2.0.”

Ladybug 2

Adobe Illustrator doesn’t provide a tool to create perspective.  It seems like it should be a hard thing since people have been hand drafting perspective for years.  I tried dinking with the mesh tool, but that made a serious mess, so that left me with no choice but to draw in perspective.  It’s not much but it will do in a pinch.   I, also, did some changes to the drawing to make it a little closer to a lady bug.  So here it is:


Here with special effects:


Jai Ho!!!

Jai Ho!!!  I just finished watching the Oscars and this was the best broadcast I’ve seen in a while.  As usual it ran long, but the pacing was good, so I didn’t feel it.  I’m happy for “Slumdog Millionaire” because I think that it was the best film I had seen from 2008 (though, I can’t say I saw the other nominated movies).  Huge Jackman was an excellent host.  It was nice having a person who could actually “entertain” rather than some comedian who only knows how to tell snarky jokes that fail half the time.

I must make an admission — I’m on “Team Angelina” (I never liked “Friends” or Jennifer Aniston that much and I was crushed when Brad Pitt married Aniston.  I was so happy when Angelina stepped in and turned Brad into a respectable guy) but tonight, I did feel very bad for Jennifer Aniston who had to present just a few feet from “Brangelina.”  I couldn’t tell whether she was really upset or whether that was part of the “character” she was supposed to play with Jack Black.  The show’s director cut the broadcast in a way to make it seem as though Aniston was upset by Brangelina.  Brangelina on the other hand looked like royalty as usual … sigh …  I really love seeing “Brangelina” happy with each other and their kids … so well… that’s pretty much the extent of my Hollywood star worship — Jai Ho!  Brangelina!

Anyhow, during the whole Aniston episode, I decided to Twitter and I saw that there was an Oscars Twitter event so I decided to “join” in.  It’s interesting how your mind can trick you into thinking that you are watching with a bunch of other people while  communicating into the ether and reading what others are sending into the ether.  The Tweets about Aniston were HILARIOUS.  The fact that people identify themselves as being on “Team Aniston” or “Team Angelina” is too much …, but that’s the way it is (my Mom’s on “Team Angelina” too.  Both of us like how Angelina the crazy goth girl has grown into a women who is a skilled actor, humanitarian, mother, and wife (I personally think she and Pitt have a sealed marriage — how else could they adopt from other countries??? )  But I digress … anyhow, I Twittered from my iPhone.  It was a fun experience that made up for my husband’s quick departure from fright before the ceremony even began.  He couldn’t make it past the Red Carpet pre-show, …, though he did come down to see the Best Picture announcement.

As for for the format change of the show, I did like the presentation of the awards for the actors and actresses.  It was nice to have past winners each say what amounted to a toast for each of the nominees.  It really did reinforce the feeling that it is an honor to be nominated.

Disappointments — mainly that “The Dark Knight” and “Wall-E” were not nominated for best picture.  I think those movies resonated more with the general public than some of the other movies nominated … but I guess that’s not what the Oscars are all about.

Well, I’ve rambled enough … Jai Ho, everyone!!!  (gotta download that one on iTunes tomorrow :-0 )

Using the Ladybug

Here is some wallpaper I made for my little iPhone using the ladybug I made earlier this week.  I made the leaves tonight.

I’ve always liked ladybugs with “farm checks” in the background, so I did a few different versions to see how it would look.  I’m still playing with the construction paper look and this looks very cut out.  The leaves sorta look like the veins were drawn with a fat Sharpy.   It looks like bad craft after eating too much paste — haha!!!  I think, though, when combined with the farm checks, it’s cute.  Feel free to grab them if you want.


Here’s the first thing that I’ve done with Illustrator C4.


C4 isn’t very different from C3.  So far the only thing that I’ve noticed is that the crop area has been replaced by the more intuitive “Art Board”.  Supposedly, Adobe made creating gradient fills easier.  I’ll play with that tomorrow if I have time.  I made a side view of this ladybug too.  I want to make a couple of leaves and stems so I can mix and match things to make some little wallpaper compositions.  This ladybug is very symmetric, so it should be fun to see what I can do to play with the symmetry in a composition with more items.  It should be fun, too, to play with the “rhythm” of the dots.

On Bi-Partisanship

Bi-partisanship: Both parties participate, but they don’t have to agree.  Indeed, they can agree to disagree.  In the end, though, a decision has to be made and those who own the decision must take responsibility.   I don’t like group think, so I think it’s fine for folks to agree to disagree, but I’m not enchanted by the idea of people acting in malice — “If I don’t control the decision, then I hope the plan fails.”  To want your own country to fail and President to fail is unpatriotic and to plot the failure of your country and your President is treasonous.    I hope those politicians and pundits out there come to this realization and get their act together and put whatever selfish desires they have aside for the good of the country.   I hope the politicians remember that the voting public puts them in office and can vote them out.  These are the only people they are beholden to rather than some talk radio “entertainers” (yes, they are ENTERTAINMENT) and the few people with money.  I’m not  a fan of the stimulus plan, but I do want my country to succeed, so I’m praying and I will do everything in my power to do what I can to help my country out of this mess.