Website Update — Stinker … has updated its website and it now drives me NUTZ!!!  It’s too interactive, to the point I can barely use it and I don’t know what I’ve done with the web interface until I recieve a confirmation e-mail.  It suffers from having too many notes.  Here’s what isn’t working for me:

  1. When I browse the list of jobs that have resulted from my search, as I move my mouse pointer over the job, a worthless job description covers the viewport obscuring the other jobs.  This wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have to click the close button on the description, which is especially annoying because I didn’t click on the job to read the description in the first place.  I was using my mouse to guide my eye over the long list of jobs.
  2. The pop-up job descriptions are useless.  I imagine this is do to the job seeker putting useless stuff in the job description.  I want to know the major duties, the job level, the key skills, the job location, and the pay range.
  3. There seems to be no way to upload an update of an existing resume.  When I cut and pasted directly from Word, the text became corrupted with a bunch of junk that is usually hidden in a Word file.
  4. When filling out information to create or update a profile, the user has to save each section separately.  The problem is that several sections are presented on one webpage or tab webpage, so it’s natural to think that the save at the bottom of the page will save everything on that page or tabbed page.  When the user does this, the user gets an error and is asked if they want to continue.  I thought this meant to go back to fix the error so I clicked “ok” which caused me to lose all the changes I made and because I was popped back out to my profile home page, I wouldn’t have known that my changes didn’t stick unless I went back to check my profile.
  5. Every field tries to auto fill by popping up a little window next to the entry field.  It’s distracting and none of the auto fill options matched what I was entering.
  6. The pop-ups, in general, make reading the site very difficult.  The pages are densely packed with information, so I use my pointer to guide my eye.  Because of the interactivity, putting the mouse anywhere in the viewport causing something to pop-up.  It broke my attention and because I didn’t actually click to activate the pop-up, I didn’t feel in control of the experience.

Yeeks!!!  I hope they dial is down soon because “slick” doesn’t mean everything is interactive.  I got the impression that they went for “more” rather than really thinking about how users use the website and using interactivity to really enhance the experience of using the website.  It’s kinda embarrasing.