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Jai Ho!!!

Jai Ho!!!  I just finished watching the Oscars and this was the best broadcast I’ve seen in a while.  As usual it ran long, but the pacing was good, so I didn’t feel it.  I’m happy for “Slumdog Millionaire” because I think that it was the best film I had seen from 2008 (though, I can’t say I saw the other nominated movies).  Huge Jackman was an excellent host.  It was nice having a person who could actually “entertain” rather than some comedian who only knows how to tell snarky jokes that fail half the time.

I must make an admission — I’m on “Team Angelina” (I never liked “Friends” or Jennifer Aniston that much and I was crushed when Brad Pitt married Aniston.  I was so happy when Angelina stepped in and turned Brad into a respectable guy) but tonight, I did feel very bad for Jennifer Aniston who had to present just a few feet from “Brangelina.”  I couldn’t tell whether she was really upset or whether that was part of the “character” she was supposed to play with Jack Black.  The show’s director cut the broadcast in a way to make it seem as though Aniston was upset by Brangelina.  Brangelina on the other hand looked like royalty as usual … sigh …  I really love seeing “Brangelina” happy with each other and their kids … so well… that’s pretty much the extent of my Hollywood star worship — Jai Ho!  Brangelina!

Anyhow, during the whole Aniston episode, I decided to Twitter and I saw that there was an Oscars Twitter event so I decided to “join” in.  It’s interesting how your mind can trick you into thinking that you are watching with a bunch of other people while  communicating into the ether and reading what others are sending into the ether.  The Tweets about Aniston were HILARIOUS.  The fact that people identify themselves as being on “Team Aniston” or “Team Angelina” is too much …, but that’s the way it is (my Mom’s on “Team Angelina” too.  Both of us like how Angelina the crazy goth girl has grown into a women who is a skilled actor, humanitarian, mother, and wife (I personally think she and Pitt have a sealed marriage — how else could they adopt from other countries??? )  But I digress … anyhow, I Twittered from my iPhone.  It was a fun experience that made up for my husband’s quick departure from fright before the ceremony even began.  He couldn’t make it past the Red Carpet pre-show, …, though he did come down to see the Best Picture announcement.

As for for the format change of the show, I did like the presentation of the awards for the actors and actresses.  It was nice to have past winners each say what amounted to a toast for each of the nominees.  It really did reinforce the feeling that it is an honor to be nominated.

Disappointments — mainly that “The Dark Knight” and “Wall-E” were not nominated for best picture.  I think those movies resonated more with the general public than some of the other movies nominated … but I guess that’s not what the Oscars are all about.

Well, I’ve rambled enough … Jai Ho, everyone!!!  (gotta download that one on iTunes tomorrow :-0 )

Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

Some people are complaining out there about how Bond is a lover and not a fighter and how much they miss the campiness of the previous Bond movies.  I couldn’t disagree more with those people.  I like this new Jason Bourne like Bond.  While being a fighter, I believe this Bond is more of a lover in deeper sense than the superficial Bonds of the past.  From the past two movies it is clear that Vesper was more than just a convenient roll in the sack and it is the need to avenge her and M that motivates this Bond to be a cold and efficient killer.

Onto the movie itself … this movie combines all the things I like in an action thriller:

  • Car chases
  • Fire
  • Boat chases
  • Free running
  • Angry CIA operatives
  • A handsome leading man
  • A beautiful leading lady
  • Impossible, but plausible stunts
  • A sniveling jerk of villain who Bond curb-stomps in the end (I love what Bond does to this jerk to avenge Strawberry Fields).
  • Revenge fulfilled

The movie is fast paced and Bond operates in a murderous fashion against his enemies without mercy or remorse.  He is true to his convictions and true to his allies.  The inclusion of “Strawberry Fields” feels like the last minute addition of a convenient female for Bond to @#$%.  Her character is totally unnecessary seeing as how Bond really connects with the other “Bond Girl,” Camille, with whom he adventures with and shares a similar desire for revenge within the confines for duty.  I also like the further development and definition of the relationship between Bond and M.  Bond is M’s loyal servant and his love for her is like love that one feels toward a Mother, a Queen Mother, and a could have been lover if M were 20 -30-yrs younger.  It reminds me of the kind relationship between anime/manga partners like Alucard and Integra of “Hellsing” and Sebastion and Ciel of “Kuro Shitsuji” — faithful Demon servants who serve dogs of the British Monarchy ;).

I didn’t like the camera work in some of the scenes.  At times it was too frenetic for my brain to actually process what was going on and I had to look away a couple of times to regain my frame of reference so I wouldn’t fall out of my chair.

All in all, I felt this was an excellent action adventure movie.  If you enjoy the Bourne movies, then you will enjoy this Bond movie and the previous one.  If you are looking for camp, meaningless sex, and poor attempts at “quipping,” then this is not the Bond movie for you.  4.5/5 for great action and great main characters.

A little more: Another star of this movie for me are user interfaces.  The interactive display table M and co. use to visualize data at the fictional Mi6 office is the stuff of future-possible fantasy.  It’s retro-modern slick look harkened back the motifs of the 60’s.  The fantasy Sony-Ericsson phones also looks very cool.   All together there are some nice product placements that are very in line with the movie.

Movie Review: W.

I saw the CNN blip that said this movie was surprisingly touching and it’s true.  “W.” is very sweet movie about a fictionalized George W. Bush.  Oliver Stone portrays W. as a good man with very little brains who got himself in way over his head when he became President.   Oh, and don’t forget the father complex.  Deep in my heart I wanted this character to win and I wanted him to accept his father’s love, but we all know the story and it’s not good for W.  I sorta felt that Oliver Stone was allowing himself and us, through viewing this film, to forgive President Bush for his shortcomings.  I came out of this movie feeling like our President needs a big hug and a “there-there, you did your best”.

As for the nitty gritty of the movie itself, Richard Dreyfuss is eerily great at playing Dick Cheney (give Dreyfuss the Oscar).  James Cromwell and Josh Brolin also give great performances as Bush Sr. and W.  I also like the performance and the scripting of Laura Bush.  Her character wholeheartedly accepts W. with all his flaws and she stands by him, throughout the story, with quiet feminine strength.  It is a beautiful little nugget of a love story.  As usual, there are the surreal dream scenes that serve as little cut-aways to time shift.  Also, there is the usual mix of fiction and real news footage that we come to expect from an Oliver Stone film.

Like Bush or hate him, this film was very enjoyable and I think it, also, would have made a great stage play.  If you are going to see it, I suggest that you go into the theater knowing full and well that this is a fictional dramatization and not the real W.  I highly recommend this movie 5/5

Movie Review: Batman — The Dark Knight

My husband and I went to the midnight showing of this movie at our local movie theater. Waiting in line was lots of fun. There were some people in costume and in general there was light party atmosphere. I imagine until the winter holidays that this is the last movie coming out that is worth going to the midnight show.

First all let me say that this an excellent movie and probably the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Continue reading Movie Review: Batman — The Dark Knight