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Printing from Mobile — uh, Why?

I’ve had the misfortune, lately, of watching TV with commercials.  In general I put commercials out of my mind, but the commercials from mobile service providers and a prominent printer company showing people panicking because they lost or forgot their paper presentations and then rejoicing as they remember they can, in some shiny near future, print their presentation are annoying me.  My problem — when was the last time a professional or a student presented anything to a group of people huddled around a spiral bound notebook?  If your presentation is accessible by mobile, you’re golden.  Download it and project it like you have been doing for the past 10-years.

It’s actually rather sad to me to watch the lack of imagination and the stagnation of thought in these commercials.   Did the marketing people who came up with these commercials present the concept for the commercials in a spiral bound notebook?  I shudder to think of the brains behind “print from mobile” and it appalls me to think that any company would actually spend precious R&D dollars on something so pointless.


Interactive Billboards — NICE!!!

Here’s link to the tiny article and the video. You must watch the video! The concept is to upload consumer content to an electronic billboard. A nice example is given about how greeting card company, Kinemo, allowed customers to upload photo cards for Mother’s Day to an electronic screen on Times Square, took pictures of each card as they appeared on the billboard, and then sold the image of the card in Time Square back to the consumer. GENIUS!!!