Blackbird 002 — Tears of Joy Came to My Eyes

Here’s the website URL:

I got there from the website.  I rolled over the tool-less entry link and the animated components popped out of the case and tears literally came to my eyes.  Nice … no more blood pooled in the bottom of the case.  I have always bought the components for and assembled all the gaming computers my husband and I have owned.  Not once have I ever been able to do this without cutting myself on some point on a sharp metal edge, leave a little pool of blood at the bottom of the case.  It has become sort of a little trademark.

Anyhow, the specs and the available options are impressive.  I’m curious to see what the lowest priced configuration will include.  I also like that I can do upgrades myself so I can get the base model and upgrade as funds become available.   CNET gave the Blackbird 002 they tested 9.3/10 which is excellent.  In the benchmark testing it looks as though the performance is tuned for multimedia more than gaming, but it looks like a respectable rig in the gaming benchmarks too.   I now have another potential gift to look forward to this Christmas besides an iPod Touch.  My only question:  Since the case is aluminum, can I get it custom engraved at HP before it gets shipped to me?  I know I’ll be getting an engraved iPod for Christmas with one of those “very special” messages from my husband.  My current iPod reads “Homer” on the back (all you “Simpsons” fans snicker away).

Oh!  “Shoot Em Up” and “3:10 Yuma” this weekend.  Look forward to the reviews next week :)!

More reason to cry:  The dedication edition is $5500!!!   Oh, well, I won’t be getting one unless I win the lottery.  So I guess the Blackbird 002 will be trophies for entertainment stars and sports heros 😦 who really don’t have enough time to use them.