Tiny Humanoid Robot — So Cute! & eCigarette

Tomy’s i-Sobot sounds like a Christmas winner.  Here’s a link to the Crave blog which has some impressive video of the tiny robot in action.


Also check out the smokeless electronic cigarette.  It appears to be a new use for everyone’s favorite pen wiping fluid PEG.



Are you a Tightwad or a Spendthrift?

Here’s an interesting article that explores the spending habits and psychology of tightwads and spendthrifts and how those attributes can be exploited to sell more stuff to more people.   I imagine the Kodak AIO advertising campaign is meant to appeal to spendthrifts while our Blackbird 002 campaign is meant for spendthrifts.  Oh!  and I love how a small change of wording can make so much difference.  Anyhow enjoy!