A wonderful Blog: Hello Kitty Hell

A wonderful blog brought to you from a guy who has a love-hate relationship with Hello Kitty.  URL:  http://www.kittyhell.com/ I think the thing that makes this blog special is the depth of this guy’s obsession with Hello Kitty which he claims he hates.  He has so many Hello Kitty products lovingly documented — it almost feels like a shrine.  My question is whether this is about Hello Kitty or a man’s love for his wife who happens to be a Hello Kitty fanatic.   Hmmm…

I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty, but I do have the 2007 calendar in my cube because it is irresistibly adorable.  It came with stickers which I actually use to mark important dates (I have no idea what got into me with this calendar).  As a new year comes up, I’ll be looking for a new calendar.  Please send me some suggestions.  This year I really wanted to use my Hellsing calendar in my cube, but I wimped out because I figured lots of folks would find it sacrilegious.  It currently proudly hangs at home in my kitchen.  In 2006 I hung the “Funny Love” (Pucca and Friends) calendar in my cube.  I really liked that calendar :).

Anyhow, it’s amazing how a logo like Hello Kitty can be so pervasive for so long.