Youth Oriented Camera From Fuji


Pink Z10fd Finepix

From Fuji, the FinePixZ has young people in mind.  Here’s short description from CNET:

Fujifilm is aiming its new Z10fd Finepix at teenagers and twentysomethings. Among other features, the camera lets users post pictures to blogs, Web sites, auctions or e-mail by copying and automatically resizing images right in the camera. The device also has a slide show feature that lets users view and share photos with friends, with music provided to help set the mood.

The Z10fd Finepix is one of several Fujifilm cameras with an infrared lens on the side. Consumers can hold these cameras up to eight inches apart, with lenses facing, and press a button to beam a full-resolution photo from one device into another.

Being able to send pictures to other cameras is a very neat idea and makes image sharing very easy.  It allows folks to share the same picture without having to take the picture multiple times with different camera.  I like the way the design of this camera has the way that young people use images on the web in mind.  I makes it very easy for teens and college students upload photos without having to go through the trouble of rescaling images for websites.

I image the music feature in the camera uses some generic music that won’t cause copyright issues.  It would be neat, though, if pictures files could have accompanying music files — sigh … the limitations greed impose upon us …