Back Home and All is Well

It was a long journey home from Las Vegas yesterday.  Due to the fires, the 15 through the Cajon Pass was closed so we were stuck in Victorville/Barstow overnight.  We looked for alternative routes to LA, but there’s the San Bernadino forest that separates Victorville from LA and parts of it were on fire too.  We were able to see the Arrowhead fire as we drove around looking for a place to rest for the night.

This morning’s drive back home up the 15 alternated between hopeul and somber.  The good news is that the fires are quite isolated and there are large swaths of S. Cal under relatively blue sky.  The bad news is the parts that were hit by fire, were hit badly and we did see the remains of houses and some lingering flames as we made our way down the 15 through Fallbrook.

The news say the Santa Ana winds will last through today, tomorrow, and possibly through Thursday.  I am hoping, as is everyone else that no new fires start up.

Looking at the blogs, Wiki’s, and e-mail, I’m so happy to see that my co-workers are safe and that there is an out-pouring of help within the office community.

Well, until we can return to the office, I guess I’ll be here remotely.  Everybody in SD, take care!  And I will see you when the site reopens.