Little Update

The SD site is still closed and the evacuation of Rancho Bernardo is still under effect.  According to the news, the city  is assessing the situation in RB to see if they can start re-populating the area.  There are still “hot spots” in RB that have to be put out.  The SD area is currently under a power alert as powerlines to the north and south are still threatened by fire.  SD is currently recieving power from Mexico.

In San Marcos businesses are open but woefully understaffed.  One of my neighbors is cutting down all of his trees and removing landscape bushes like there’s no tomorrow.  Only a stump remains of a once beautiful, big, and proud Weeping Willow.  Otherwise, the atmosphere is eerily quiet.  I live close to the freeway 15 and the usual road noise in the background isn’t present today.  The air is bad too.

I’m going to check the Wiki now.


Some residents are being allowed back into the southern parts of RB.

Avi, if you are out there, I’m glad you’re okay!  I was quite worried :).