My Blurb Book is so CUTE!!!

My Blurb book is so CUTE!!! *Squealz* It’s a 7×7-in little hardcover book with a full color dust cover that I made using Blurb’s BookSmart tool. Blurb generated a title page and a copyright page and for added specialness I put pictures in the cover flaps. The construction of the book is very professional and it smells like a professional book too (sometimes I forget how important the smell of something is). The interior page are printed on a nice weight, off white, calendered media. For a text blog like mine, the 7×7 format makes for easy readability and portability. I really, really like my little book and I can’t wait to show it to my parents this weekend when I visit them. I’m thinking about having a few more copies made for my parents, little brother, and my grandmother using Blurb. It’s too bad it craps-out with photo-blogs because I would love to make a keepsake book to commemorate a vacation.