Washers and Dryers — Flirtatious???

Check out these beauties!

While circulating around the local Best Buy, some curvy, shiny, and full featured beauties caught my eye.  They were clothes washers and dryers in race car red, stately blue, and polished silver .  The new washers are front loaders, green (use less water, detergent, and power), quiet, and include clothes steaming, like you can get when you take your clothes to the dry cleaner.  Ooh … I have some delicates in my laundry room, would you like to come home with me and do a little washin’?

These washers and their accompanying dryers are EXPENSIVE, too.  Starting at about $1800 for a pair and topping out at ~$4000 for the pair.  Ouch!  Yet, I’m flirting with a pair and so is my mother, who is looking hard to upgrade her rusty and wheezing washer and dryer pair with a gleeming pair of status symbols.

BTW:  I bought a basic front loading washer back in 2001 because there were state and federal tax rebates for water and power savings that brought the price in line with top loaders.  I must say that it’s night and day between a front loader and a top loader.  Most noticeable, initially, is how quiet the washer is.  The drum space is used more efficiently so you can put more clothes in and put in big stuff like comforters.  The savings in our water and power bill were very clear ~$30/month back in 2001.  Most importantly, you never have that problem inwhich you’ve loaded a bunch of dirty clothes and the dirt gets thrown back on the clothes in concentrated spots.  Yuck!  Oh, and there’s the high speed spin which helps cut the dryer time to ~30-mins.  LOVE IT!!!