Coming in 2009 in Spectacular 3D

It looks like 2009 will be the year the movie studios start foisting 3-D movies on us in a effort win more profits off of higher tickets prices and to combat piracy.  Piracy is not mentioned in this article, but I'm sure it's a big underlying reason since the same experience cannot be delivered on the small screen.  I imagine syched dual images at 144-fps makes for a HUGE file(s) that will require new software, a monster computer to crunch through the file/s, and a higher refresh rate montitor (highest I've heard of is 120-Hz) making pirating a 3-D movie pointless. As for the 3-D ready TV's,  my understanding is that 3-D is all generated in hardware via a firmware upgrade in the TV.  The source is a 2-D feed that was never shot specifically in 3-D.  I don't know how that compares to something that was shot in to 3-D, but I've experienced TI's 3D TV and it's taxing on the eyes and the brain.     However, the movie studios forget that people are happy watching pirated movies shot by a camera on a cell phone, so I imagine it will not deter piracy.  I agree, though, that the premium that can be charged for a viewing a 3D film will keep the studios and theatres rolling in the dough until home technology catches up.  As for watching a 3-D movie with current technology — I can't imagine sitting through 3-hours of “Titanic” due to the quality of the story and eye strain.  The same goes for “ET” which I could not even get through when I was little.  (Like the “Lion King”, “ET” causes me to go unconcious about 15-mins into the movie and then I come to in the last 10-mins. Imagine the frustration of my parents who took me to see “ET” at least 3 times in an attempt to be good parents, only have me fall asleep every time.  Imagine my high school friends who dragged me to the “Lion King” at least 3 times, only find me knocked out in the middle of the movie.  They are all convinced that I have a very small dark heart.)  I don't think 3-D would help those movies for me …

What does this all mean?  Servers and storage BABY!

Here's a link to the article.


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