The Disney Channel: Tween Stars, and Marketing Tie-Ins

I’m not sure whether to applaud Disney or to ban any children I may have in the future from ever watching the Disney Channel based on this article.  This article talks about how the Disney Channel doesn’t sell commercials in the traditional sense, but rather there are product tie-ins within Disney Channel programming.  What’s interesting is that it sounds like these product tie-ins have to be integrated into the show and have to go through some Disney sanitizing to be included.  What’s more influential to children? A product advertised during commercial time during the “Hanna Montana” show or “Hanna Montana” actually using the product within the show.  I’d fear for my wallet and sanity if I actually had children.  As for Disney, this a very clever, because I imagine they can charge quite a bit for the influence characters like Hanna Montana have over children.

Here’s a link to the article.


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