Article: Advertising Widgets

Online advertisers are now using widgets in an effort to improve customer engagement.  These widgets are packed with tracking functionality and the advertisers hope these fun little applications will become viral to spread their words widely and to collect lots of information about you.

In some ways I like this idea, especially if I want a fun and engaging way to be advertised to, that is, of course, it I choose to be advertised to.  The tracking aspect worries me, as does the potential to spread malicious programs.  I’m also worried that these “games” may be used to hook children.  Anyhow, give the article a read.  The possibility, in general, to use widgets as a way to teach consumers about a product in an engaging way is interesting.

Widgets are the new ad kid on the block

By Elinor Mills

Story last modified Wed Dec 19 04:00:02 PST 2007

Forget static banners. Online ads are evolving into mini-applications with video, games, and dynamic content that people like enough to embed in their own Web pages and share with others.


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