Intel's Netbook

Quite honestly, I’m not sure if I get this cheap, wimpy notebook push.
1.  A computer needs some oomph to have a good Internet experience.
2.  I question whether a PC is a priority in a “developing” nation.  It sounds altruistic and utopian, but what’s the practicality of it?
3.  Developing nations and Asia are bypassing PCs for mobiles because a mobile infrastructure is easier and cheaper to deploy and because mobiles fit better in their lifestyles.
4.  Why would I want a crappy little computer as a secondary when I can get a nice mobile for about the same price? 

Like one of the commentors to this article, I also paused a bit when they said this computer will use SSD harddrive — at $300 ???  Maybe a few years on down the road.

Eitherway, I see that these cheap laptops are a very “US” way of thinking.  I really don’t get it.  Besides, I and any school or developing nation can build a decent barebones computer for ~$300.

Somebody please explain this to me …


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