PC Gamers = Elite Gamers

This is the first time that I’ve seen PC gamers called “elite.”  There is some truth here about the gaming experience with a high end PC vs. a gaming console and it’s true that a beefed up PC coupled with a nice monitor and speakers is heaven on Earth.   My husband is complaining now about how he doesn’t like playing the latest Halo game on the XBox 360.  He says the controls are not as responsive as using a keyboard and mouse.  Consequently, he hasn’t played the game for more than 3-hours total since we purchased it.  I wanted to get us new gaming rigs for Christmas, but since CBP changed to VBP, I’m not counting on having the money to do so :(.   Sigh …   Anyhow, below is an interesting article from the BBC about what sounds like a renaissance in PC gaming.  This article has done nothing more than pour fuel on my flaming PC desire/envy/dispair … *tears**wailing*
But on to happier thoughts.  We’re getting “Mass effect for the XBox 360 next week — Hello 4-day Thanksgiving weekend!  YESSS!  And to those folks in Singapore, I’m sorry your govt banned it :(.

Pushing the PC gaming boundaries
The PC remains a big player in the games market but in recent years its cutting edge has been blunted.

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