PCs losing their relevance in Japan

Could this be the future in the US too?  Quite frankly this sounds a little scary, but at the same time it makes since that PC’s would become less relevant as mobile devices become capable of delivering richer media and communication experiences.  I’m thinking now about how the Xbox 360 has become my gaming platform of choice over my PC (well, that’s mainly because my PC won’t run any game made after 2005 — sadness).  I still, though, loath trying to access the internet via my cellphone.  The network is too slow and the screen is too small to be legible with my pitiful eyesight.

I think this article illustrates the importance, though, of creating a wonderful home computing experience.  To be honest, my computer is no longer an office tool.  It is now our home entertainment hub and I’m craving an internet PVR and some file management tools that would make my home entertainment experience less cumbersom.  I wonder in Japan, though, will the prevelance of gaming consoles that are multi-purposed as entertainment hubs supplant PCs.  I wonder could PC’s in the US head this off by offering a richer entertainment experience than any gaming console could.  How does microsoft view this since they offer a gaming console and the OS used by most PCs?  Are they playing both sides?  What about Apple?  Hmm …

TOKYO – Masaya Igarashi wants $200 headphones for his new iPod Touch, and he’s torn between Nintendo Co.’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles. When he has saved up again, he plans to splurge on a digital camera or flat-screen TV.

There’s one conspicuous omission from the college student’s shopping list: a new computer.

Follow the link above to read the read of the article.


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