WSJ Interview with Google's CIO

Here is an interview with Google’s CIO, Douglas Merrill.  What’s interesting in the interview is that Google’s IT is decentralized and that a lot support is left up to the employees.  At first it sounded to me like Google was kinda loosey-goosey on the software it allows it’s employees to use, but a upon reading the details given, it sounds like many other companies they have restrictions around what software employees are allowed to use and they they are very cost concious about software too — sometimes opting for the personal versions of software rather than the corporate or industrial versions.  In all, I was expecting to read that Google handled its IT radically, but I didn’t get that impression from this interview.  Consequently, I came away from reading this a little disappointed.

Pleasing Google’s Tech-Savvy Staff

Information Officer Finds Security in Gadget Freedom of Choice
March 18, 2008; Page B6

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