HP TouchSmart IQ506 CNET Review

Here a link to the CNET review of the HP TouchSmart IQ506 PC — or what I fondly call “The Kitchen Computer.” It sounds like some notable improvements were made over the first generation. I would love to get one of these to play with, but I don’t think I can commit $1500 for “play.” Most of all I would like to see if on my own whether I could turn this into the entertainment/ family hub I envision. I would love to see personal messages from my husband, recent e-mails, I would like to have a dash board of the downloaded entertainment available for me to watch and the latest entertainment available from the sites I use — I would like to see the Azureus-Vuze interface, but in a better structure than what it is now. I would like to see the output from the weather and news widgets that I have on my current Vista machines. I would also like an easier way to upload my photos to Flickr. It would be nice to do this on this machine rather than tying up the computer we view content from. As of now, I have multiple versions of the Flickr uploader on 2 computers. It’s a pain to have run upstairs to check my uploads or to have sit an wait as the Flickr uploader kills my computer insert images into the tool and then uploading them. I also like having the running slide shows around the house from the various computers in our house. This has replaced our need to have framed printed photos on our walls and we always get to see the latest stuff we uploaded to our home server with minimal effort. We spend a lot of time looking at our screen savers and talking about the images as they go by. It’s sooooo much better than stagnant printed framed images. Anyhow, while doing all of this, I would like to not even have to use a keyboard. I really want to “touch” my way through all these things and leave the typing for my home-office machines upstairs. Sigh …. I really need something to make little world simpler and less time consuming that it already is.


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