Anime That I am Currently Watching — Summer 2008

  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Season 2″ — Lelouch is back and it’s more messed up than ever. My husband and I have decided that Lelouch is chaotic evil but with the best of intentions. The first season of Code Geass is currently running on the Cartoon Network. I imagine it’s chopped up because it is quite violent and breaks some American cartoon taboos (keep in mind that in the US anything animated must be for children).
  • “Wagaya no Onari-sama” — A little boy with a tasty soul is protect by a fox demon who has forgotten its gender. So, sometimes the fox demon is a beautiful guy or a beautiful women. The other local gods are quite entertaining, too. Our favorite is the local God of Commerce who runs the neighborhood mini-mart at the base of his shrine. He’s got quite a temper.
  • “Vampire Knight” — an anime adaptation of the popular manga about high school vampire intrigue. Go read the manga because it’s much better. Anyhow, the second season starts in November.
  • “XXXholic Kei” — Watanuki Kamihiro is back with Yuuko, Domeki, and crew. This season covers the Kohane story arc. As usual, this is a beautiful and thought provoking series. The links to “Tsubasa” are still maintained, though, not very strongly.
  • “Nobari no Ou” — Miharu is an easy going kid with a martial arts god seal inside of him. Watch as the various ninja societies fight over the right to use or dispose of the ultimate secret art. Some characters just died, so I don’t know where this anime is going. It’s possible that this anime will have a bad ending (= everyone dies).

I’m sorta disappointed with this season because there aren’t that many great series. Hopefully there will be more things to watch this fall.


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