Give a bunch a gamers a creature creator tool … Yes, “Spore” has already splintered off into the realm of the indecent before it has even been released.  I wonder will the possibility of obscene creatures get this game slapped with an “M” or and “AO” rating.  Personally, “Sporn” creations sound like they were created in bad taste to me.  However, perhaps, there’s a place for this.  Should EA be brave and give these folks there own 18+ universe?  I image they wouldn’t if they want to maintain some semblance of family friendliness.  I imagine, though, if they wanted to make money off this desire, then they could always license the game engine out to a company that specializes in “Adult” video games.

As for the problem itself, this is one of the consequences of allowing user generated material.  I imagine since there are millions of creators, creating lots of creatures,  EA will have to let the crowd police itself for the most part.  The ironic thing is beyond the 37-yr old guy interviewed for this article, I’m willing to bet that most of the obscene creatures are created by folks under 18 — the very folks that obscenity laws are designed to protect.  Oh well, whatever …  Here’s a link to the article.


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