Spore — Crazy DRM Keep me from Purchasing

The reviews on Amazon say it all.  Over 1000 one-star reviews from consumers frustrated by EA’s DRM software.  I was pretty excited to buy this game,  but my husband has forbid the game from entering the house until EA gets rid of the DRM scheme on the game (apparently it uploads some software akin to the Sony software that killed many a DVD burner — including my husband’s).  I’m not sure whether I’d ever really experience the DRM protections since I can’t imagine that we’d need more than 3 installs of the game.  Anyhow, a crack is already out for the game that bypasses the DRM and decreases load times for the game.  It’s kinda sad that people will be forced to pirate the game … oh well, perhaps if they lose enough money EA will reconsider its DRM strategy.


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