Holistic Marketing

What a lovely editorial from Ad Adage!  It talks about taking a holistic approach to messaging by analyzing some very current messaging and how the message they were trying to communicate could have been improved by taking a big picture approach.  Here are a few snippets I enjoyed from this article: Continue reading Holistic Marketing


Great Cost Cutting Tech Tips

Here are some great tips from the Washington Post on how using your technology wisely and perhaps holding off on getting the latest gadgets can save you money.  I had to chuckle a little while reading this because they are speaking to a very spoiled and privileged audience.  There are people in the US worrying about mortgages and food and this article is babbling about not getting that 10-MP camera just yet.  Anyhow, here’s a link.  I’ve been wanting to get rid of cable for a while in favor of Internet viewing regardless of our employment situation, but I’ve been scared to ever approach Mr. Kuroneko003 about it.  We watch about 4-hrs of TV/week and all the shows we watch are available online.  i think, though, that the cable company may tie our modem service to having cable.  Sigh … well … as for me, is what I did in the past few months:

  • Ended my subscription to Rhapsody
  • Power off gaming computers completely rather than leave them in sleep mode when not in use
  • Negotiated my iPhone phone rate to the lowest tier of voice service and both a basic SMS plan and try to use e-mail when I can