Ow! My Toe

I’m such a putz!  I wore some wedge sandals today and I managed to whack my left big toe with the rear of the wedge of my right foot as I was getting out of my car.  My toenail cracked in the middle of my toe and bled all in my sandal.  I was getting lunch, so I had to take it like a women, order my lunch and let my toe bleed all over the place and hope no one noticed the oozing mess.   Man, did it throb in pain for a while …  Anyhow,  I find myself needing some advice since this the first time I’ve done this.  Here are my questions:

1.  How do you get blood out of leather?

2.  How do you handle a cracked toenail?  I can’t cut it off because it hurts like heck if I touch it and I’m afraid to put on socks because I don’t want the nail to get caught up in the fibers.  In addition I don’t go barefoot because I have tenderfeet from never going barefoot.

3.  If I don’t wear socks, then how do I keep the wound clean?

As of now, I’ve improvised by wrapping my toe in gauze and then taping around the base of the toe to keep the gauze on.  It’s ugly, but it seems to be doing the job for now, but what about as the nail grows out.  The crack is 5-mm from the tip of my toe, so it’s going to take a while … why me?  I hope it doesn’t turn black and blue …