Step 1 on the Road to Gundam Suits

Whaa-hahaha!!! it’s coming!!!  Honda introduced a powered frame to assist walking and squatting.  They are targeting manufacturing, but these legs can be used for so much more.  I’ve see shows on using similar devices for physical therapy for people with spinal injuries and to help increase the endurance of soldiers.  It looks kinda bulky now, but I look forward to seeing this technology evolve, culminating in a full mechanized suit :).  Whahahahaha — complete with chainsaw sword :).  By the way, I’m an ASIMO fan too!

Note:  I love the competing company’s homage to sci-fi favorites “Terminator” and “2001:  A Space Odyssey” There’s no way I’d connect myself to anything called “HAL.”  ;p  My inner geek is delighted.

Here’s some links to the story.


The Register


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