Layoffs At OLPC

Leave it to profit seeking to ruin charity.  Yep, OLPC is cutting it’s staff by ~50% and lowering the salary of those that remain.  Here’s a link to an article for more details.  I suppose now that netbooks are the hottest new segment amongst paying customers in 1st world countries, you can’t just give them away anymore (okay, not give them away — but pretty close to it.)  I’d like to see OLPC push on though in terms of continuing to develop technologies that allow for computing where there is no power infrastructure, let alone a wired communication infrastructure.  In the long run, those types of devices will be good for everyone because they can be used literally anywhere.  Well, we’ll see … As a proud new owner of a netbook, I would love to have a little solar cell to power my laptop when I’m away from home 😉


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