Movie Review: Watchmen

The movie “Watchmen” is a pretty rambling mess. I didn’t read the graphic novel, but I understand that it’s long and rambly too (which is why I didn’t read it) and that there is simply too much content to try to shove into a movie. Still, though, I felt there was about an hour of film that could have been left on the editing floor — in particular, most of the prison scene and the gratuitous full nude sex scene. I will give the movie credit for being really pretty and recommend it only for that. Also, the overall story is a very good moral tale that reminded me of “Code Geass: The Lelouch Rebellion”

Now some warnings to anyone thinking of taking their kids to this movie:

  • The gore this movie is very intense in terms of content and theme. There were scenes in this movie that made me nauseous.
  • There is gratuitous full nude sex scene in this movie
  • Dr. Manhattan walks around without his undies A LOT, so there a rendered full frontal shoots of him and his man parts.

I’m surprised this movie wasn’t rated NC17.