You Have to Keep Moving Forward

Nothing is more crushing than to have industry panelists confirm that nobody is hiring now, or that there are far too many people applying for the few positions that are open.  There are no “chances” now and they aren’t hiring under qualified or over qualified people.   The frustration was heavy amongst the crowd, but I think for the most part we’ve all accepted the situation.  Many of us are moving forward by learning new skills in continuing education programs and that’s a good thing.  You have to keep going.

I got a rejection e-mail  today for a job I really wanted.  I decided to let myself sulk in aftermath of that and the career fair only tonight.  Tomorrow I will resume moving forward.  I will continue to gain new skills, I will continue to apply for employment, and I will continue to enjoy my time between careers.  I thank the government for the “social safety net,” which without, my husband I would have become another statistic.  I hope the money the government is spending to get us out this mess works, whether I agree with the plan or not — and believe me, bailing out those Wallstreet and banking turds makes me sick to my stomach.  Despite everything, I remain hopeful because there is far too much that we could be doing.  It’s just a matter of getting the folks with the cash to invest in America again.  We all have to ignore the gruesome wreck and keep moving forward.