Time Warner Cable Showing some Customer “Hate”

Apparently Time Warner Cable doesn’t like their customers according to this blog entry on Slashdot.  I can’t say whether this story is true, but downloading 45GB in a weeks doesn’t sound that unusual for somebody who is using the Netflix service or iTunes to watch movies (~9 feature length movies).  So, my question is what does Time Warner want?  Do they want customers to quit their service all together and demand a government utility for the Internet?  Do they want customers to discontinue their service and rent movies and TV shows directly from Blockbuster or a kiosk?  This is the reality of rich media and they better figure out a way to make some money before they get squeezed out.  Hating your customers isn’t a way to do business.   I understand that bandwidth is expensive, but it should push them to innovate rather than to calcify and hate.  The ISPs need to understand and catch up with rich media and work with customers and the media producers to come to good solution for everyone.  If they keep hating their customers, pretty soon they won’t have any and go out of business.  And I’ll say good riddance too …


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