The Beginnings of an Emotional Search Engine

Wow!  It has begun! is the start of a search tool that could become part of an emotional search engine. is a search tool that uses an image reference to find images of items of similar shape, color, and pattern on the internet.  As described in the article,  it is a shopping aid that is intended to help users find items similar to the item they’ve referenced.  So imagine, now, that you’ve built up a collection of images you like and then sent them out through an avatar to find similar things, or, if such information were available to retailers, they could advertise to you items they have to sell that are similar to items you like.  Or, imagine if designers could have access to the likes of a certain demographic to guide the design of future products.  Nice … :).

It sounds like the search algorithm needs more work, but the idea is cool.  I hope the powers that be understand the possibilities of this type of search engine so development will continue.