A sad chapter in the story of subprime lending.

NINJA Loan = Loans to people with No Income No Job or Assets

Of course they can’t pay back the loan!

My husband thinks these may be loans granted to criminal elements like pimps and drug dealers. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.


Video Game Industry Hopes to Harness Girl Power

As I read this article I felt disbelief, disapointment, and insulted.  Is this all that girls amount to — video games around Lizzie Maguire and the “Bratz.”  I was once a ‘tween and I played video games with both male and female friends and my little brother.  I remember playing games like Super Mario Bros, Contra, Mega Man, 1942, the Legend of Zelda, and various fighting and car racing games.  Never did I imagine that video game marketing people actually thought that games like “Barbie Horse Adventure” were good games for girls.  Maybe my friends and I were not typical girls — although I highly doubt that.

As an older female gamer (the ripe old age of 33), I now play games like “The Sims”, “Bejeweled”, “Final Fantasy”, “Xenosaga”, “Diablo”,”Lumines”, “Loco Roco” and the “Forgotten Realm” PC RPG’s.  Every once in a while I’ll indulge in a fighting game (I still can kick my 23-year little brother’s behind), car racing, and straight up twitch games like “Onimusha” and “God of War.”  Anyhow, what catches and holds me in a video game is a compelling story and strategic game play.  Yes, I’m one of those people who likes character and resource management.  I also like to figure out how to beat a game’s battle engine — overcoming a tough boss battle makes my day. 

WOW:  I don’t play play online video games for fear of having the game dominate my life.  I’ve lost my husband to WOW, and, to be honest, WOW looks like a sad existence.

Anyhow … I think most of today’s females are beyond “pink” and those that are not … well, I really don’t know what to say about that.  I have a best friend with a daughter who is very into pink and I just bought her a princess coloring combination sticker book.  She put it away and instead asked if I wanted one of her plastic insects that she kept in a pink Easter basket.  Last year I bought her a Barbie princess dance video set which she liked.  It served the dual purpose of toddler exercise video, too.  Maybe Barbie DDR would be a good “pink” game.  Sigh … Somebody help save the girls of America from the “Bratz”!!!

Unfulfilled Fish Taco Desire

These events happened last night:

My husband Steve and I had a craving for fish tacos so we went to the local Rubios to get our fill.

Jen:  I’d like two 3 fish taco combos

Rubio’s cashier:  Would you like chicken or Steak?

Jen:  No, two 3 fish taco combos

Rubio’s cashier:  We have chicken or steak.  Which do you want?  It’s the Especial combo.

Jen:  No, I don’t want the Especial Combo.  I want two 3 fish taco combos

Rubios’s cashier:  Ma’am, we don’t have any fish.  Would you like chicken or steak instead?

Jen (brain to mouth filter has failed):  Dude!  What do you mean you have no fish?  This is a fish taco restaurant and it’s not Tuesday! (Fish Taco Tuesday = cheap fish tacos)

Rubio’s cashier:  Well, the manager is out getting fish from a sister restaurant

Jen:  Okay, we’ll have to punt tonight. (to Steve) Sweetie, what do you want to do now?

Steve (with pouty face on):  I don’t care anymore …

We ended up at Baja Fresh … an end to a sad night of unfulfilled fish taco desire.