Gamer Stereotypes Discussed

Here’s a thoughtful editorial from BBC news that discusses gamer stereotypes.  I’m definantly one of those gamers who encloses themselves in a dark room (alienating and neglecting my husband), surrounded by food and drink, for hours (sometimes days, with little nap breaks so I don’t completely lose it — this would be known as the 2-week winter break I take around Christmas time.  I have yet to go so as far as to bring my toilet with me to the sofa, though.)  This is why I only get into games, now, a few times a year, because if I gamed as much as I wanted, my husband would starve to death, the house would become a trash pit, and I would be fired from my job due to frequent absenses.     Anyhow, enjoy this article as it discusses the matter of the myth and the truth of the asocial gamer.


OLED TV Update

I first saw a demostration of OLED screen technology at CES2003.  It was demoed for usage in cellphones and portable devices and promised to be one of the keys to lower power consumption (longer battery life).  It looks like the technology is still a few years off from commercialization in TVs (I think there are a few cellphone handsets that have OLED screens).  Here’s an article from CNET that gives a nice summary of the current status of OLED TV.